Stonehenge Tribunal

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The Stonehenge Tribunal is made up of England and Wales. The Order of Hermes has had some presence here since the early 9th century, though only a small number of the covenants that have been established here still exist.

Politically, the tribunal has been dominated by Blackthorn for several decades. To some extent this has been because few other covenants have bothered sending representatives to tribunal meetings; a large proportion of these meetings have been invalid due to the poor attendance. However, the tide has been turning in recent years, with Voluntas being the very active center to the opposition against Blackthorn.

Compared with most other tribunals, Stonehenge is slightly more permissive about Hermetic interference in mundane affairs. This is due in large part to the fact that mundane presence is more ubiquitous and unavoidable here than in other parts of Europe (there is also some concern that this will lead to a shortage of magical resources, as the mundane population encroaches on magical territory).

Next tribunal meeting: Autumn 1226

Active covenants:

Former covenants

  • (nameless) (817-1011)
  • Blackrose (1104-1107)
  • Castrum Antiquum (852-1030)
  • Concordia (821-823)
  • Harold’s Vengeance (1066-1068)
  • London (896-952)
  • Lumen (998-1003)
  • Lux Draconis (915-1100)
  • Magnantrum (1111-1187)
  • Natura Antiqua (1133-1143)
  • Occulta (893-897)
  • Rector Maris (866)
  • Rector Novus (938)
  • Roma Nova (946-1008)
  • Rosalba (820-899)
  • Servus Maris (1160)
  • Stellasper (1025-1163)
  • Sursum (875-931)
  • Tagelyn (1014-1062)

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Stonehenge Tribunal

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