This relatively young covenant stands on a small peninsula along the eastern cost of England, near the border between Essex and Suffolk. It is made up of two tall towers of shining black rock. Only one tower has a door; the other is accessed by two stone bridges that connect them. The first tower contains the common areas and guest quarters, and the second contains the private quarters of the magi and covenfolk.

Nigrasaxa has been very politically active since its founding. It does not seem to be pushing any specific political goals, other than ensuring that tribunal meetings are valid and that Blackthorn doesn’t get to dominate everyone else. Some of the magi do use the meetings to further their own personal agendas, of course.


  • Maximianus of Bonisagus – very old; reputed to be one of the foremost experts on Corpus magic
  • Morlen of Merinita
  • Siffed of Criamon
  • Ariel of Flambeau
  • Caltis of Tremere
  • Herrit of Tytalus
  • Thamik of Verditius – his sigil is glowing white light

PC connections

  • Morvoren was apprenticed here, under Morlen
  • Stefanus made a deal with Maximianus in 1220 that if he produces a suitable piece of art for them, he will be permitted one season’s access to the library, or permission to copy one book from there.

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