This covenant, one of the oldest in the tribunal, is located deep inside a cave system in the hills of southeastern Wales. The caves have been worked and expanded to create wide corridors and even surfaces. However, there is no lighting in most of the covenant; generations of living within the magical aura has warped the covenfolk so that they are able to see perfectly well in darkness. Magical lighting is provided in the guest quarters, and guests are typically not allowed in any other part of the covenant.

Blackthorn has been the dominant political force in the Stonehenge Tribunal until only the past twenty years or so. This dominance has mostly been used to make it easier for the resident magi to further their own personal ends, and occasionally for making sure that they get the majority, if not the entirety, of the resources left when other covenants collapse.


  • Talion of Flambeau
  • Iudicium of Guernicus
  • Golias of Tytalus
  • Goliard of Tremere
  • Fornax of Tremere
  • Prelum of Tremere
  • Procella of Tytalus

PC connections

  • Wormwood was apprenticed here, under Golias

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