News and rumors

In mid-winter 1220 and early spring 1221, the Redcaps deliver some mail:
-Hubert receives a letter from his former master Vitrius inviting you to join him on a research expedition to the village of Avebury, which holds several magical sites.
-Stefanus receives a letter from Maximianus informing him that Arthur is doing well and has chosen to stay at Nigrasaxa. It seems the reason for his return from death is that a confluence of magical energy caused his soul to go to the Realm of Magic when he died rather than to the gates of Heaven, and that it was another wizard fighting off Twilight that allowed him to come back. He also reminds you that the offer for library access still stands, and he looks forward to seeing what you might produce as your payment.
-Wormwood receives a letter from his former master Golias asking how things are going with the new covenant.

In winter 1220 and spring 1221, some of the magi began hunting rumors of magical animals in the area. These rumors come in over the next several months:

  • In the hills around Bath and Wells, a falcon has been seen that flies faster than any other, and reportedly broke the shield of a knight who was riding through the area
  • A community in central Cornwall whispers about a giant serpent that occasionally steals their livestock
  • An anonymous source claims that, while poaching in the royal forest in Somerset, he encountered a turtle that appeared normal but was so heavy he could not lift it, nor could he break its shell with any weapon
  • Villagers near the border between Devon and Dorset report seeing spiders the size of wolves
  • Sailors from Swansea and the surrounding area claim that a weasel or similar creature tried to steal food they were loading onto their ship, and vanished into thin air when they spotted it

In autumn of 1221, you hear reports that villagers around the Salisbury Plain have been having problems with some of the rocks they’ve scavenged for construction. Specifically, that these rocks have been randomly changing size after being incorporated into walls or other structures.

News and rumors

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