William Grey

Role: Scribe and translator at Colkirk

Born: 1191
Apparent age: 29

William is a man who has spent most of his life buried in books and parchments, and he looks it. He is shorter and thinner than average. He tends to move with the careful pace of someone who only ever interacts with inanimate objects. This is not entirely true, however – William has lived among the nobility since birth (both of his parents were servants of the de Braose family), and he has had the opportunity to travel widely with the baron’s court. As a result he has picked up a lot of geographical and political knowledge, and has gotten practice with several languages that are spoken in the area. He has also been fortunate enough to be given a formal education in order to make him a more useful scribe.

Event Log

  • Summer 1220 – accompanied the magi as they destroyed hostile spirits at the Angel’s Bowl, translated for them as they spoke with the guardian spirit there – 5xp for Latin

William Grey

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