This covenant is located in a pastoral region of northeastern Yorkshire. It was founded by magi from Normandy some years after the invasion. The covenant consists of a large stone manor house, where the magi live, and also the village of Wilton, a short walk from the manor. Most of the buildings in the village are made of stone, which is immediately distinguishes it from mundane villages.

Voluntas is well known in the tribunal for two things. The first is its staunch opposition to Blackthorn. The second is its library, widely considered to be the best one in Stonehenge that is easily accessible to visiting magi (for a price, of course).


  • Corvus of Bjornaer
  • Kirist of Flambeau
  • Julia of Jerbiton
  • Phessallia of Merinita
  • Desiderius of Verditius

PC connections

  • Stefanus was apprenticed here, under Julia

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