A Hermetic covenant on the northern coast of Devonshire, in the Stonehenge Tribunal. Founded in 1220 at an older castle previously called Alfreinscombe (and probably still called that by mundane authorities).

Aura: Magic 2, extending to the outer edge of the curtain wall
Aegis: Level 20, cast in Spring
Boons: Curtain Wall and Mural Tower (3), Extra Vis Sources (1), Hall Keep (0), Secondary Income (1), Unnatural Law (1; effect = food and drink never go bad)

Hooks: Castle (-3), Crumbling (-1), Favors (-1), Weak Aura (-1)





  • summa (Imaginem, Level 6, Quality 6) – Sensuum, et Magia Sunt Animo
  • summa (Intellego, L5, Q7) – Videre est Invisibilem
  • tractatus (Corpus, Q8) – In Homine Augmenti et Motum
  • tractatus (Magic Theory, Q7) – Influxui Lunae
  • tractatus (Rego, Q6) – Motus Naturalis Sectabatur

Vis stores

  • Animal – 2 pawns
  • Corpus – 1 pawn
  • Creo – 3 pawns
  • Ignem – 3 pawns
  • Intellego – 4 pawns
  • Mentem – 3 pawns
  • Perdo – 3 pawns
    (last updated end of spring 1221)

Vis sources

  • Creo (4 pawns/autumn) – water taken from the spring at Angel’s Bowl on the first day after the autumnal equinox.
  • Ignem (3 pawns/winter) – the self-replenishing pile of ashes at the spot where an accused witch was once burned at the stake
  • Intellego (3 pawn/spring) – a mile or so west of the castle, along the coast, is a small cove where the water and wind are very calm. High cliffs keep the cove shaded most of the time. If the first sunbeams to enter the cove in spring are caught in a black box, they will transform into usable vis.
  • Perdo (3 pawns/winter) – the earth in the part of the basement where the witch was originally buried
  • Rego (2 pawns/winter) – pebbles taken from inside a natural rock tunnel that directs the winds as they rush through it

Magic items

  • none

Mundane relations

The covenant is entitled to occupy the castle and to collect taxes on the income of farmers and fishermen in the area, as well as to sell the goods produced by the covenant’s blacksmith. In exchange, you are obligated to help protect these peasants when necessary, and to pay annual rent to the baron of Barnstaple. Furthermore, Alfreinscombe Castle is still legally owned by the King of England, regardless of who occupies it at any given moment.


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