A village in the county of Wiltshire, in southwestern England. It is something of an open secret among both the Order and the mundane authorities that there is a significant supernatural presence here, but little is actually known. Bordering on the village, to the southwest, is a ring of standing stones roughly 250 paces across, with two inner rings as well. A satyr-like faerie used to live around hear and appear through one of the inner rings to accept sacrifices; this stopped when it was slain by magi from Colkirk in 1221. The faerie has still left its mark here, as perhaps ten percent of the villagers have goat-like eyes and hair.

In addition to the stone circle, there are two other sites of supernatural interest in the vicinity of the village. One is an artificial hill that is said to be the burial place of a powerful druid from ancient times, and also said to be trapped and/or haunted, such that no one who has dug into the hill has ever come out again. The other is a long barrow mound. According to legends it is inhabited by ghosts or faeries, and no one is actually buried here; the locals say that something lives there but they don’t know what and they don’t care to find out, so long as it leaves them alone. Cursory examination reveals that there is a hole, about the size of a rabbit’s burrow, at one end of the mound which may be an entrance (though clearly not a convenient one). Both of these sites have Faerie auras.

Game notes:

  • No aura in the village itself; faerie aura 4 in the stone circle
  • The Colkirk magi covered up their deed to some extent. During the first few days after that they only encountered the normal level of hostility for Gifted strangers in a place where strangers aren’t often welcome, but nothing greater. Time will tell what the long-term ramifications may be…


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